Big Data Concepts, Opportunities, Challenges, and Paradoxes


  • Stepani Sisca Wulandari Perbanas Institute


big data; concepts; opportunities; challenges; paradoxes


Big data is becoming increasingly important because it is starting to be widely used for analysis in business and government sectors. Apart from that, big data has also started to be utilized in new fields such as Artificial Intelligence, eCommerce, and Fintech. Analysis using big data produces more complete and accurate information than using less data. Although the opportunities opened up by big data are becoming more numerous, big data management is different and more difficult than traditional data management. Apart from that, there is big data paradoxes that must be understood to be more careful in using big data. The contribution of this paper is to provide big data literature, namely the concept of big data, the opportunities obtained by utilizing big data, the challenges of using big data, and the paradoxes of big data.


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